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Cornsilk April 27, 2009

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This herb is a savior. I have a very personal experience with it. So I am really prone to bladder infections, I get them even sometimes during really stressful situations. So one time I was coming back from a particularly stressful trip to San Diego to visit my best who goes to UCSD. I was on the plane flight and needless to say I was incredibly stressed out. I got up to go pee and if you are a woman who has had a bladder infection you know that it pretty much feels like you are peeing out fire. 

So I got home and my grandma gave me two cornsilk pills every 4 hours. I thought she was crazy and was ready to go to the doctors to get pyridium and some other antibiotics. Then, after about 24 hours there was no more peeing fire! The bladder infection was cured, sans antibiotics. However, the only thing about cornsilk is that you must take it at the onset of symptoms. If you are already 2 or 3 days into a bladder infection you are going to have to take antibiotics.


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