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Green Tea April 25, 2009

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green-tea1Who knew something so yummy could be so very good for you. As I type i’m sitting in Starbucks sippping some wonderful green tea with a little bit of raw sugar. Green tea has some very healthy benefits such as weight loss, antooxidants(which help our cells from turning into free radicals and turning into cancer cells), polyphenols, which have been linked to decreasing the risk of heart disease and cancer. One study even¬†found green tea to help women with breast cancer.

I first fell in love with green tea this summer. I was a coffee addict. Seriously, if I didn’t get my one cup I would be bitching by 10am. I figured that this probably wasn’t very goodso I decided to ween myself off the stuff. Well after a week of caffine headaches I was pretty much cured. My grandma sent me to buy a book called The Ultimate Tea Diet. It ended up not being a real diet book at all, just a book with a bunch of great recipies that included tea and about 200 pages of explanations of why tea is the best drink in the world for your body and mind.

So if you were like me and had a serious coffee addiction try out some green tea, you won’t regret it.


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