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Sinus Rinse April 14, 2009

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I just dicovered this stuff and I am a firm believer in it! So sinus wash is basically saline solution with warm water. What it does is flushes out all of the snot and crap in your nose. It is a great alternative to nasal spray, which I used to rely on because there is nothing I hate more than a stuffy nose. But the thing about nasal spray is that they irratate the delicate mucosa lining of your nose, then it swells. You body starts to get immune to the nasal spray and before you know it you must use it inorder to breathe normally, then you have to ween yourself off and all that jazz. The most popular one on the market is NeilMed sinus wash, which is the one I use.

Sinus Rinse

I have been struggling with mild allergies for the past few weeks. I used this and within one day my nose was better and more comfortable than then I use a nasal spray. Also a good friend of mine is just one of those people who is always sick, she began to use the nasal rinse a few months ago and did not get sick. However when she ran out first thing that happened to her was she got sick, so this stuff must really be helping her!


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